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the best taste, price and service

Our water is purified with the state-of-the-art 12 Stage Purification System that produces the highest quality purified drinking water. We use pre-filters, post-filters, ultra violet lights, a double reverse osmosis system and an ozone generator to achieve the taste and purity of our water. 



Our commitment is to provide you with the cleanest and best tasting water available.We can very confidently say that our water tastes the best. All you have to do is try it and we guarantee you’ll love it. Our water is tested regularly for guaranteed purity. Not only is our price the best but we will match or beat any competitor. Give us a try today. Just call 586.992.9000 or click below to order.

Our system eliminates nearly 100 percent of agents that affect the taste and healthfulness of drinking water, including:


  • LEAD







Want to know why our water is so tasteful and clean? It's because we take our time and let our water go through 12 stages of purification before it gets to you. ​Here you can read every single step that we take before the water is safely delivered to you.

1. ion exchange

our ion exchange process removes minerals, deposits, numerous metals like mercury, iron, lead, etc.

2. granular activated carbon filter

With our Granular activated carbon filter, water goes through carbon filtration and all chemicals are removed from the water like chlorine, pesticides, herbicides and other contaminants.

3. sediment filter

The Sediment filter is used to filter out any sand and dirt particles from the water.

4. 200psi booster pump

The 200 PSI booster pump is a stainless steel pump that pressurizes the water to 200 PSI so that pure water can pass through the RO membrane.

5. reverse osmosis system-x2

During this process the water is pushed through a membrane and leaves behind all impurities allowing only pure water to cross through the membrane. We not only run this process once but twice.

6. ozone pump

Our Ozone pump pulls the water from the holding tank and pressurizes the water for the next stage.

7. ozone generator

Ozone is the fastest and most thorough disinfectant. It leaves no harmful residue in the water. Ozone is injected into the water as it passes through a venture.

8. ozone mixing tank

Our Ozone mixing tank allows Ozone to mix with water thoroughly. The smaller the bubbles, the more useful the ozone is in doing its job of disinfecting the water.

9. re-pressure pump

Our re-pressure pump pulls our ozone treated water from the holding tank and re-pressurizes the water for the next stage in our purification steps.

10. post gac filters

The post carbon filtration process catches and eliminates anything that was missed including tastes or odors.

11. post sediment filtration

Our Post sediment filtration eliminates any residues that could be remaining in the water.

12. ultraviolet light disinfection

This final process sterilizes and eliminates any bacteria, viruses or other microbiological contaminants that could be remaining in the water. The ultra violet light acts as our secondary and final disinfectant.

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